What to Expect from Therapy

Getting Started

You may be seeking therapy because of a stressful life change or troubling event, or you may just want to talk to someone or take a self-inventory when there might not be one particular stressor. Whatever your reason, we will begin with a free initial 15-minute consultation over the phone to introduce ourselves and discuss your goals for therapy. Based on our discussion, we will decide how best to proceed, and if appropriate, we will schedule our first session.


What will we talk about?

During our therapy sessions, I will work to get to know you, and together we will explore the origins of any issues and negative symptoms, and delve into what works best for you when it comes to coping in a positive way. My method of working involves understanding a person as a whole, by learning the inner workings of one’s thoughts and beliefs, and how those beliefs create the pervasive patterns that get in the way of contentment and experiencing life to the fullest.


What about cost?

I am in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and I provide invoices if I am out of your network. I also have a sliding fee scale for anyone paying out-of-pocket. Whatever we decide should work for you in order to facilitate consistent sessions.


What other options for sessions are there?

Depending on your needs, I offer sessions via phone or Skype.